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Skills for Life: it all starts with skills

Whether you’re growing your business, changing your career or just starting out, it all starts with skills.

Start exploring your next steps

Today’s the day to start exploring skills and careers information. You can look at your qualification and training options or get career ideas that would suit you.

If you’re in education or just about to leave, you can get help working out your options.

View your choices for learning skills that will help you change or progress your career.

See options to train your employees or hire new staff.

Need inspiration?

Watch the film from our campaign and see how it all starts with skills.

1 minute watch

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( alarm clock beeping )

Narrator: Potential. Everyone’s got potential, right? But it will remain just that unless you act on it. You’ve got to do something new ...

Son: You’ve got this.

Narrator: ... to get somewhere new.

Dad: Let me see, let me see.

Narrator: Is it scary?

Dad: You’ll be fine.

Narrator: Sure. But potential never fades. It simply waits for the day you use it. So go on, make that one day today. Whether you’re growing your business, …

Teacher: Okay, can we take our seats, please?

Narrator: … switching careers, or just starting out, it all starts with skills. Search 'Skills for Life'.